Why you should consider a firm that specializes in Qualified Retirement Plans

Companies that use a Retirement Plan Advisory Firm specialized in fiduciary and investment consulting can experience a better understanding of their own fiduciary responsibilities, improved plan performance and greater support and financial education for their employees.


But not all retirement plan advisors acknowledge in writing their responsibilities as a fiduciary.

As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), we are prepared to:

  • Serve as a co-fiduciary for your plan

  • Provide independent advice free of any conflicts of interest 

  • Offer expertise and ideas based on industry best practices

  • Service your business with advisor fees that are simple, transparent and low-cost

DBR Fiduciary Plan Solutions

Qualified Retirement Plan Solutions

We are contracted as a co-fiduciary to many closely held businesses, multinational corporations and non-profit organizations offering 401(k) profit sharing plans, 403(b) plans or other qualified retirement plans.  Our experienced financial advisors have the background and credentials to deliver Fiduciary best practices. We work to ensure compliance of fiduciary responsibilities as well as improved plan outcomes; i.e. retirement readiness.

Retirement plan sponsors are provided with fiduciary guidance on comprehensive plan governance (e.g., investments, administration, service providers and documentation). With advisors recognized among the nation’s best in the industry along with transparent fees benchmarked to be reasonable - DBR Fiduciary Plan Solutions stands out as a leader in our field.

Our Pillars of Service

Fiduciary Assessment

  • Standalone engagement intended to identify the level of a plan’s adherence to DOL, ERISA and industry best practice standards

  • Consists of three phases: evaluation, recommendations and implementation

  • Varying levels of detail and complexity covered in a written report

Service Providers

  • Assist with identifying plan services and products for fiduciaries to consider

  • Assist with a process to select, monitor and replace service providers

  • Conduct RFP due diligence

  • Benchmark the reasonableness of outside service provider fees

Administration & Reporting

  • Review plan sponsor objectives for the plan and options available to reach their goals

  • Review committee structure and administrative policies and procedures

  • Assist with the development and maintenance of a fiduciary audit file and documents retention policy

  • Deliver fiduciary training and/or education 


  • Assist with development of an Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

  • Recommend investment options based on
    the IPS

  • Monitor performance and expenses of investment options

  • Deliver quarterly/semi-annual investment monitoring reports

  • Recommend and monitor Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA)

Differentiating Characteristics of an Independent, Conflict-Free, Fiduciary Advisor Practice

DBR Fiduciary Plan Solutions Value Proposition:


  • Assist trustees and Retirement Committees to develop fiduciary processes that are definable, measurable and repeatable

  • Avoid conflicts of interest by placing the clients’ interests first always, a practice of DBR Fiduciary Plan Solutions long before it became a requirement for other firms to follow

  • Our team’s extensive expertise allows for a working knowledge of best practices for plan delivery and operation as offered by all outside service providers

  • We contract as a co-fiduciary, accepting liability in writing for the advice we provide

  • We recommend a wide range of carefully vetted investment options to retirement plan clients supported by a plan’s IPS, and without conflicts of interest

  • We have the ability to provide plans with custom risk-based models, comprised of the plan’s underlying investment options

Our Team






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