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DBR Physician Wealth

A Custom Financial Service for Medical Professionals

Medicine is a greater calling, requiring professional devotion and a rigorously trained skillset. DBR & CO seeks to bring that same level of dedication, skill, and expertise to financial services.

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Medical Professionals Have More Complex Financial Needs

Solving for these unique circumstances can lead to substantial financial expense and deplete your most valuable resource: time.

  • Significant & Varied Personal Liability

  • Rapid Income Inflection

  • Complex Tax Position

  • Increasingly Complicated Compensation & Employment

  • Late Start in Saving, Investing and Family Planning

  • Education and Personal Debt

  • Professional Stress and Burnout


of physicians are not confident in retirement due to late start or not saving enough


of physicians feel they are behind in saving for retirement


of physicians began saving before or during residency

A Unique Service, Tailored to the Unique Needs of Medical Professionals

DBR Physician Wealth adds unique financial expertise beyond the industry's traditional but limited retirement planning focus. DBR Physician Wealth seeks to compound your personal time and your personal wealth in a way traditional models cannot.

Asset Protection

Protect assets from all possible liabilities, not just professional malpractice

Strategic Tax Planning

Proactive tax management and preparation to reduce tax liabilities and maximize tax efficiency

Retirement & Early Retirement Planning

Detailed financial analysis to ensure a successful retirement on your terms

Compensation & Employment Consulting

Income benchmarking, compensation evaluation, contract review

Network of Medical Industry Professionals

Access to an extensive network of healthcare, legal, and financial professionals

Investment Management

Portfolio management to preserve assets and grow long-term wealth

Insurance Portfolio Management

Comprehensive review of all insurance policies to identify coverage gaps and minimize costs

Estate Planning

Establish the critical details of your estate and your legacy

Education Planning

Properly planning to fund higher education and keep up with the rising costs of education


For more information about DBR Physician Wealth, please call us at 412-227-2800 or contact a member of the team:

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