DBR Wealth Partners offers three customized levels of service based on a client’s current financial standing. Our focus is on right-serving our clients as opposed to a ‘one-size fits all’ philosophy prevalent in many firms.

For High Net Worth Investors, we offer high-level, fee-only advisory services. This includes our most in-depth advanced planning service accompanied by sophisticated asset management that creates portfolios with an appropriate mix of “be the market” (passive) and “beat the market” (active) investments. You’ll also receive exclusive access to our professional network.

To learn more about our services for high net worth investors, contact Managing Director, Adam Souply CFA at or 412-227-2800

Investors with $1 million to $25 million in assets

DBR Wealth Builder Advisory Services Log

If you are well into the process of building wealth, we are here to assist you in securing your hard-earned personal and retirement assets. You’ll have access to core tenets of our LifePlan 20/20® financial planning process, technology driven solutions and strategic asset management advice that suits your stage in life.

If you’d like to discuss a plan to retain and build on the wealth you have, contact Steve Kohler, CFP® Managing Director of DBR Advisory Services: or 412-227-2800

Investors with over $500,000 in assets


For qualified, next generation investors, DBR Next Emerging Wealth is a fee-based financial planning service designed specifically to cater to younger savers and investors who are in the early stages of their journey toward financial success. We’ll help you organize and construct a plan that will help you resolve current issues while planning for a more secure future.

If you’d like to discuss how to get started, contact Jeremy Suschak, CFP® Director of DBR Next Emerging Wealth: or 412-227-2800

Aspiring high net worth investors with under $500,000 in assets


DBR Wealth Partners provides advisor services to corporate employees and executives to help secure their financial future. Our seminars, Lunch ’n Learn programs and individual counseling provide education and advice to help them make sound financial decisions in their professional and personal lives.

One of the most valuable benefits you can offer your employees is the opportunity to participate in a Qualified Retirement Plan. It can provide peace of mind to current employees and serve as an incentive to attract new talent to your organization.


At DBR & CO, we’ve been fiduciary compliant for years. As a result, retirement planning is a priority. That means professional Qualified Retirement Plan advice from experienced, independent advisors. Our service is personal, and our products are non-proprietary to give us total flexibility in developing a plan that fits your company’s needs.

For more information on DBR & CO's Qualified Retirement Plans or any other retirement plan solutions, contact: Rick Applegate, Managing Director:

Additional Corporate Advisory Services

Progressive organizations look to retain and focus their top talent by offering benefits beyond the standard fare. Our Corporate Sponsored Programs provide decades of experience advising corporate executives, managers and employees to help your firm offer a truly exceptional value-added program.


Our corporate sponsored programs are designed to provide access to our extensive LifePlan 20/20® financial planning services to key employees in the areas of:  

  • Corporate Financial Education Programs

  • Executive Financial Counseling Services

  • Retirement Plan Consulting and Advice

  • Lunch n’ Learn Programs

Are you looking to add value to retain your key executives and employees? Contact Senior Advisor Charles Stout

Lunch n' Learn Seminars

In addition to our personalized wealth management solutions, we offer seminars, workshops and other informal programs to assist companies and organizations in educating their employees on important financial issues. DBR & CO understands that progressive corporations and organizations want to provide their associates with resources for improving their financial knowledge. In order to help facilitate that effort, DBR & CO offers its Lunch n' Learn Program, free of charge, to those companies and organizations looking to provide financial education to their associates.

Interested in a Lunch n' Learn for your company?

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Learn more about the DBR & CO approach

To learn more about the DBR & CO approach, or discuss a FREE second opinion on your current wealth building strategy, or call: 412-227-2800