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To address the retirement crisis facing many Americans as well as the small business crisis brought on by COVID-19, we have introduced one of the nation’s first Multiple Employer Plans: MEP>ONE. A Multiple Employer Plan (MEP) is a retirement plan that pools together and covers employees of more than one employer. Under a new rule by the U.S. Department of Labor, small and mid-size businesses can gain access to retirement savings options that may not have previously been possible. The new rule is designed to help strengthen retirement security for more American workers.

Strength in Numbers

Pool your resources

Lower plan cost by banding together with more than 75 other businesses for increased purchasing power

Meet your new advisory board

Expert fiduciary advisors with more than 125 years combined experience will provide oversight and guidance to ensure the quality of your plan’s investments

Lower your fiduciary burden/liability

We take care of the mitigation of fiduciary duties and responsibilities, regulatory compliance and record keeping. Adopting employer only has the responsibility and liability to annually monitor the lead employer 

The great equalizer for you and your employees

Provide benefits comparable to those of the largest companies and associations

Tax advantages

Potentially larger tax credits when establishing your start-up plan

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Benefits of MEP>ONE to Plan Sponsors

  • Establish a first-time plan

  • Level the playing field with large employers

  • Provide long-term benefit for employees

  • Make contributions to employees through match (if elected)

  • Reduce administrative costs & HR responsibilities

  • Provide investment expertise to plan participants

  • Cover fiduciary and regulatory liabilities

  • Receive tax advantages & credits

  • Flexibility to graduate to standalone plan as business grows


Benefits of MEP>ONE to Employees

  • Increase likelihood of saving through a qualified plan

  • Tax advantage via pre-tax contributions & income tax deductions

  • Receive match/contributions from employer (if elected)

  • Fiduciary and regulatory coverage

  • Expert investment selection

  • Education seminars & 1-on-1 coaching

  • Institutional support

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