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Our Principles Are Our Foundation.

Tailored 360-Degree Services to Preserve and Grow Your Wealth

Individuals & Multi-Generational Families

Driven by Our Principles and evaluating through the DBR 360 lens, we customize and integrate services based on your unique goals and objectives - developing strategies and solutions across portfolio management, wealth planning, and your personal values.

Individuals & Multi-Generational Families

Portfolio Construction & Management

  • Personalized portfolio construction
  • Four Seasons Asset Allocation Process
  • Investment manager research and selection
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Diversifying concentrated assets
  • Account tax efficiency
  • Comprehensive ownership reporting

Wealth Planning

  • Retirement planning
  • Cash flow and liquidity planning
  • Strategic tax planning
  • Risk management and insurance strategies
  • Estate and trust planning
  • Education and family planning
  • Charitable giving and philanthropy
  • Private banking

Next Generation

  • Income, expense, and savings objectives
  • Risk management and insurance strategies
  • Estate and trust planning
  • Education and family planning
  • Debt and liability management
  • Retirement planning

Legacy Planning & Generational Wealth Transfer

  • Family education and governance
  • Estate and trust planning
  • Asset protection and titling
  • Fiduciary services
  • Gift planning
  • Tax consulting and planning

Life & Philanthropic Advisory

  • Healthcare planning
  • Gift planning
  • Philanthropic planning and introductions

Deep Investment Expertise, Best Practices in Fiduciary Governance

Businesses & Institutions

Guided by your organization's long-term objectives, we construct a tailored investment program and apply robust fiduciary governance practices to support and advance your mission.

Businesses & Institutions

Retirement Plan Sponsors

Investment Consulting

  • ERISA 3(38) and 3(21) fiduciary advisory
  • Investment Policy Statement construction and review
  • Investment and fund manager search and selection
  • Evaluation, recommendation, and monitoring of plan's investment options
  • Review of all investment expenses and fees
  • Confirm extent of record keeper investment platforms

Retirement Plan Committee

  • Establish and review Committee structure
  • Review administrative policies and procedures
  • Develop fiduciary processes that are definable, measurable, and repeatable
  • Fiduciary training and regular fiduciary education
  • Regulatory and Committee updates
  • Interface with outside ERISA counsel

Fiduciary Assessment

  • Review existing fiduciary processes
  • Assess and monitor decision making processes
  • Review adherence to DOL’s best practice standards
  • Evaluate and benchmark service providers

Participant Education & Engagement

  • Group participant education
  • One-on-one participant guidance
  • Annual plan update, plan changes, and new hire enrollments

Outside Service Provider Management

  • Benchmark plan service providers
  • Develop formal Request for Proposal or Request for Information
  • Coordinate with service providers on administration and operation

Enterprise Advisory

  • Employee benefit consulting
  • Principal financial education
  • Employee financial education

Businesses & Institutions

Endowments, Foundations, & Non-Profit Organizations

Strategic Discovery

  • Mission, vision, and investment objectives
  • Spending policy and fiduciary responsibility
  • Support in establishing Committee and charter

Portfolio Construction & Portfolio Management

  • Align investment portfolio with organizational mission
  • Develop and review Investment Policy Statement
  • Establish strategic asset allocation
  • Disciplined reassessment of asset allocation
  • Investment manager due diligence, selection, and evaluation
  • Socially responsible and sustainable investments1
  • Cash flow and liquidity analysis
  • Customized performance reporting and reviews

Mission & Governance

  • Engage with the Board of Directors and Finance Committees
  • Establish and review Committee charter
  • Trustee and committee selection
  • Review mission, policies, and fiduciary responsibilities
  • Provide operational and administrative support

Fiduciary Standard

  • Acting in your best interest and in the best interest of the organization's mission
  • Implement fiduciary best practices

Strategic Advisory

  • Advise on spending and distribution policies
  • Budgeting review and advisory assistance
  • Improve donor engagement
  • Support initiation of planned gifts

1A portfolio manager’s ESG practices may significantly influence performance. Because securities may be included or excluded based on ESG factors rather than traditional fundamental analysis or other investment methodologies, the account's performance may differ (either higher or lower) from the overall market or comparable accounts that do not employ similar ESG practices. Some mutual funds or ETFs that consider ESG may have different expense ratios than other funds that do not consider ESG factors. Paying more in expenses will reduce the value of your investment over time.

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