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Institutional Management

Endowments, Foundations, & Non-Profit Organizations

Institutional Management supports your organization's mission by delivering your desired investment program. We provide strategic consulting, investment management, and fiduciary best practices to private and community foundations, non-profit endowments, and educational and religious organizations.

Why Outsource Your Organization's Investment Initiative?

Full Focus on Your Mission

We bring all of our resources to realize your mission by developing a successful investment program, empowering you to dedicate all of your resources toward advancing your mission.

Expand Your Investment Capability

Our deep investment team specializes in constructing an investment strategy and a tailored portfolio to achieve the objectives of your organization. Extensive investment due diligence, detailed portfolio construction, and dynamic portfolio management processes all aim to deliver a more successful investment outcome.

Independent, Fiduciary Best Practices

You receive expert fiduciary support for the operating committee responsible for managing investments, fully independent from conflicts of interest such as the implementation and sale of investment products in your organization's portfolio.

How We Work With Your Organization

Organizational Advisory

Collaborative Strategic Discovery
  • Detailed review of mission, vision, and investment objectives
  • Establish organizational goals and fiduciary responsibilities
  • Construct committees and establish committee charter
  • Assist in selecting trustee and committee representation
Fiduciary Governance
  • Collaborate with key committees and Board of Directors
  • Review mission, investment policies, and fiduciary responsibilities
  • Provide fiduciary and investment education for staff and committee members
  • Operational and administrative support
Strategic Advisory
  • Consult on spending and distribution policies
  • Review and advise on budget decisions
  • Engage with key stakeholders
  • Support for gifted securities

How We Work With Your Organization

Investment Management

Portfolio Construction
  • Collaboratively develop Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  • Align investment portfolio with organizational mission
  • Customized strategic asset allocation
  • Access to industry leading investment managers
  • Research and select investment managers
  • Incorporate socially responsible and sustainable investments1
  • Perform liquidity analyses and projections
Portfolio Management
  • Disciplined reassessment of asset allocation
  • Portfolio monitoring and rebalancing
  • Investment manager evaluation and due diligence
  • Regular review of the IPS
  • Custom benchmarking
  • Customized performance reporting

1A portfolio manager’s ESG practices may significantly influence performance. Because securities may be included or excluded based on ESG factors rather than traditional fundamental analysis or other investment methodologies, the account's performance may differ (either higher or lower) from the overall market or comparable accounts that do not employ similar ESG practices. Some mutual funds or ETFs that consider ESG may have different expense ratios than other funds that do not consider ESG factors. Paying more in expenses will reduce the value of your investment over time.

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