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DBR Next

Individuals & Multi-Generational Families

DBR Next is a consultative advisory service designed specifically for young individuals and families of emerging wealth. DBR Next establishes the foundation of your financial journey, providing advisory guidance as the complexities in your financial life grow.

Why A Tailored Service for Emerging Wealth?

What Traditional Industry Models Overlook

Traditional industry models overlook successful young professionals by solely focusing on investments. DBR Next solves for this by focusing on key planning objectives through an open-ended consultative relationship and transparent, flat-fee model.

DBR Next is designed specifically for the needs of individuals and families that have earned success early in their careers. DBR Next places distinct emphsis on our wealth planning process delivered through a transparent, fee-only model.

Optimize Saving & Investing Strategies

Develop optimal saving and investing practices to translate high income into long-term wealth.

Develop a Clear Plan

We evaluate your income, expenses, family planning goals, and career objectives to establish a clear, actionable plan. This plan solidifies your financial foundation, setting you and your family up for wealth creation over the long-term.

Manage Risk

Implement key risk management tools to protect you and your famly from unforeseen financial liablities.

How We Work With You

Wealth Planning & Investment Management

Personalized Financial Planning
  • Discovery of goals and objectives
  • Analyze income, expense, and savings objectives
  • Establish risk management coverage
  • Determine investing and contribution schedules
  • Implement education and family planning
  • Optimally manage debt and other liabilities
  • Create a retirement plan
  • Access to expert professional network
Investment Planning & Management
  • Optimally allocate to tax-advantaged accounts
  • Exercising stock options
  • Build personalized investment accounts
  • Engage additional investment resources and investment access

How We Work With You

Relationship Management Approach

Personalized Consultation
  • Open-ended communciation
  • Meetings determined by your schedule
  • Transparent, flat fee for service

How Can We Help?