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Generational Wealth

Individuals & Multi-Generational Families

Wealth expected to span multiple generations presents intertwining and delicate complexities. Successfully integrating financial assets, managing business interests, and maintaining family values are critical to preserving wealth to and through your next generations. Generational Wealth delivers a bespoke investment management and wealth planning approach, providing highly specialized services according to your unique investment, financial, and family objectives.

Why Multi-Generational Wealth Requires a Specialized Approach?

Diverse Investment Requirements

Concentrated assets, illiquid assets, liquidity objectives, tax considerations, and family values all must be carefully and effectively incorporated into the investment portfolio.

Intertwining Wealth Planning Considerations

Business interests, executive compensation arrangements, varied living expenses, personal expenditures, and philanthropic objectives all must be appreciated and woven into a comprehensive wealth plan.

Delicate Wealth Preservation Dynamics

Establishing proper estate and trust documents, preparing the next generations, and identifying philanthropic objectives are important considerations in maintaining family legacy.

Complicated Tax Positions

Estate and gift taxes, income taxes, and asset and investment taxes are multifaceted, continually evolving, and can create substantial tax liabilities.

Increased Personal Risk

Security, privacy, legal, regulatory, and personal risks all must be managed.

How We Work With You

Wealth Planning & Strategic Advisory

Wealth Planning
  • Strategic tax planning
  • Liquidity and cash flow analysis
  • Risk management and insurance strategies
  • Private banking solutions
  • Real estate advisory
Legacy & Estate Planning
  • Estate and trust planning
  • Asset protection strategies
  • Gift planning
  • Family governance
  • Wealth education
  • Philanthropic giving
Network & Lifestyle Advisory
  • Healthcare, collectible, and philanthropic advisory
  • Professional network introductions

How We Work With You

Investment Management

Custom Portfolio Construction
  • Investment Policy Statement (IPS) construction
  • Personalized asset allocation
  • Managing concentrated assets
  • Tax-efficient implementation
  • Access to public and private managers
  • Liquidity planning
  • Incorporating family values
Dynamic Portfolio Managment
  • Economic and market research, analysis, and reporting
  • Investment manager due diligence and selection
  • Dynamic asset allocation and risk management
  • Comprehensive portfolio reporting

How Can We Help?