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Investment Process

Individuals & Multi-Generational Families

Our investment philosophy is straightforward - to provide exceptional investment results through portfolios that are:
(i) Simple to understand
(ii) Low-cost to implement and maintain, and
(iii) Transparent, so you know what you own and why.

A Disciplined Investment Process

Our Investment Process actively allocates portfolios based on the Investment Committee's latest research and analysis. The process embraces three core tenants:


The Investment Committee continually maps the key capital market and economic drivers of returns to establish a dynamic view of the current environment. The process is founded upon robust data sources to ensure that it is repeatable and transparent.

Deep Due Diligence

The Investment Committee performs deep qualitative and quantitative due diligence to develop a comprehensive understanding of the investment principals responsible for active management decisions and to uncover key sources of return, risk, and the impact of fees and expenses on net investment results.


Asset class returns can be volatile over short-term periods. Long-term expectations for return, risk, and correlations of various asset classes inform the construction of an optimal asset allocation. Proper asset allocation can increase portfolio return and reduce portfolio risk across market cycles.

Process Pillars

Investment Management Approach

Asset Allocation
  • Develop long-term expectations for primary and sub-asset classes
  • Incorporate expectations to model strategic asset allocation
  • Adjust asset allocation to targeted risk objectives
  • Quantify and analyze key drivers of asset class returns
  • Develop a dynamic view on capital market and economic cycles
  • Employ a data-driven risk management framework to respond to key changes in economic cycles
Investment Selection
  • Access to and evaluation of investment strategy universe
  • Analysis of market efficiency for attractive market dynamics
  • Qualitative and quantitative manager due diligence
  • Investment evaluation and selection
  • Monitoring and analysis of investments

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