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Physician Wealth

Individuals & Multi-Generational Families

Medicine is a greater calling, requiring professional devotion and a rigorously trained skillset. We bring a corresponding approach to financial services through specialized advisory for attending physicians and those in residency. Physician Wealth builds on our comprehensive wealth planning and investment approach, tailoring services directly to the unique and pressing financial complexities faced by medical practitioners.

How Are Your Needs More Complex?

Significant & Varied Personal Liability

You incur substantial personal liability due to the nature of the profession. Asset protection requirements are subtantial.

Rapid Income Inflection

Income growth occurs quickly, leading to complexities in managing expenses, taxes, and excess savings.

Complex Tax Positions

Maximizing after-tax wealth can be particularly challenging given financial liabilities, income changes, and asset ownership.

Complicated Compensation & Benefits

Compensation and benefits packages are becoming increasingly complex. It is time consuming to understand your value in the marketplace and to fully review your compensation and benefits packages.

Late Start in Saving, Investing, & Family Planning

71% of practicing physicians are not confident in retirement since lengthy education requirements lead to limited savings and a late start in investing.1

Education & Personal Debt

Many physicians incur debt as a result of extensive education requirements. Carrying high debt balances can be financially and psychologically challenging.

Professional Stress & Burnout

80% of physicians say they are either at full capacity or overextended. Coupled with organizational pressures, patient concerns, and personal and family time, there are limited hours to focus on your financial matters.2

How We Work With You

Strategic Advisory

Asset Protection
  • Regular evaluation of risk exposure, coverage, and insurance costs
  • Titling of assets
  • Asset protection trusts
  • Business entities
Employment Consulting
  • Employer-sponsored benefits review
  • Employment contract review
  • Analysis of income and compensation
Network of Industry Professionals
  • We work with physicians across the country to provide guidance across career planning, career coaching, and industry-specific support.

How We Work With You

Wealth Planning

Strategic Tax Planning
  • Optimal allocation to tax-advantaged accounts
  • Strategic investment account location
  • Tax return analysis
  • Preparation of tax returns
Retirement Planning
  • Evaluation of earlier retirement timeline
  • Detailed cash flow analysis
  • Project income requirements
  • Post career engagement
Debt & Liability Management
  • Optimize repayment of interest and principal
  • Discretionary cash flow allocation
  • Repayment prioritization
Estate Planning
  • Value of estate
  • Wills, trusts, and financial powers of attorney
  • Coordinated beneficiary designations
  • Tax-saving strategies
Education Planning
  • 529 plans
  • Saving and budgeting analysis
  • Student loan analysis

Investment Management

Portfolio Construction & Investment Selection
  • Customized portfolio construction and asset allocation
  • Access to leading investment managers
  • Manager due diligence and selection
  • Portfolio management, monitoring, and review

1American Medical Association. Report on U.S. Physicians' Financial Preparedness: Survey of America's Physicians.

2The Physicians Foundation. Survey of America’s Physicians: Practice Patterns & Perspectives.

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