Pittsburgh team joins Dynasty network

From Private Asset Management Magazine

D.B. Root & Co. has been formed as an independent advisory firm in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, after its CEO broke ties with Commonwealth Financial Network in favor of the Dynasty Financial Partners platform.

Founder and CEO David B. Root launched D. B. Root & Co. after leaving Commonwealth, which he has been associated with since 1997. Charles Stout, senior advisor, David Hoffmann, vice president, Steve Kohler, senior financial advisor, Michael Aroesty, financial advisor, and Lynne Hoffay, CPA, also join from Commonwealth along with nine members of the support staff.

The group brings more than $650m in client assets, making D. B. Root one of the largest independent advisory firms in Pittsburgh. The firm works with corporate executives, professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs in the city’s burgeoning technology sector and growing energy segment.

The firm also focuses on education, specifically, training, educating and mentoring the next generation of the firm’s employees.

“Our partnership with Dynasty to become an independent RIA enables us to offer better technology, better statements, better investment opportunities, better execution and expanded access to the world’s capital markets and a widening array of products and services on behalf of our clients,” said David Root, CEO of D. B. Root.


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