Financial Advice: It's Best When Taken Personally

Ryan Borucki, CFP®

I am fortunate to be in the people business. I don’t mean just being able to talk to a lot of people on a daily basis. I’m talking about something much more substantial. Imagine having a career that provides the opportunity to get to know people and their life situations on a personal level. There is something extraordinary about earning someone’s trust to the point of working together to accomplish their financial goals and assist in making their lives as financially successful as possible. Talk about a rewarding career!

But I wasn’t always a financial advisor. While obtaining my degree in business from Ferris State University, I also minored in Professional Tennis Management. My first job out of college was to learn the ins and outs of running a tennis club while working with kids and adults on improving their game. Although I enjoyed the business aspect, it was working closely with people to help them improve their skills and intensify their love for the game that I found most satisfying.

Eventually, I moved on to the insurance business where I had my first exposure to financial advisors. I provided and educated them on fixed and variable annuities as well as alternative investment products. It was while working with advisors I realized there was an opportunity to help individuals with their financial needs while providing the same personal attention I felt everyone deserved.

In 2013, two days after tying the knot with my beautiful wife, Heidi, I joined a firm as a financial advisor focusing on 401(k) plans. I was determined to make a difference in my clients’ lives. Shortly thereafter, I along with my colleague Paul Abendroth, established the Great Lakes Regional office for DBR & CO., a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) that offers comprehensive advice for individuals and businesses. In this capacity, I have an opportunity to leverage my extensive experience in company 401(k) plans.

Through DBR Fiduciary Plan Solutions, I have a full arsenal of services at my disposal to advise and assist Investment Committees to improve company retirement plans. I also get to know many plan participants personally and provide them with the attention most do not receive. This is what I enjoy most about being a financial advisor.

What makes these relationships so strong? Mutual trust and honesty. As their advisor, I can offer solutions with their best interests in mind. And best of all, I often have the opportunity to deal with multiple members (and generations) of families.

Over the years, my career has evolved in terms of my involvement with clients, but my focus remains the same. Whether it is in a boardroom, in a family home or on a tennis court, it has always been about personal relationships and helping people.

Ryan Borucki is a Financial Advisor with DBR & CO’s Great Lakes Regional office in Toledo, Ohio. If you would like to contact the author, Ryan Borucki, please e-mail him at or call 419-574-9399.

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