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In the News | Aug 28, 2018

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Tracking down 3,000 customers — in person — is not as easy as it seems

David B. Root, Jr.


From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on August 27, 2018:

Fresh out of the University of Michigan in the summer of 1983, David Root was living in a small apartment in Shadyside and had landed a job with a life insurance company. His assignment: make contact with 3,000 policyholders throughout southwestern Pennsylvania with whom the company had lost touch.

“They were called orphan policyholders,” Mr. Root said.

“These were very small policyholders. They had agents who had either retired or passed away or somehow had become lost in the shuffle. Many of these people did not even know they had a policy. So, I was letting them know for the first time they actually had something of value.”

Read the full article on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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David B. Root, Jr.


Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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