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Independent, Fiduciary Specialists

We support your organization's objectives by delivering specialized, fully independent investment expertise and applied fiduciary best practices. We work with enterprises across sectors and industries, consulting for qualified defined contribution plans, non-qualified executive compensation plans, defined benefit pension plans, and institutional endowments and foundations.


  • Hospitals & Healthcare Systems

    Properly structuring your retirement plan enables you to attract, retain, and support your employees while protecting your personal liability and ensuring your fiduciary obligations are upheld. We have extensive experience supporting sponsors of hospitals and healthcare systems across the country.

    Considerations Include:

    • Substantial fiduciary liability
    • Supportive plan features and benefits for employees
    • Internal time and resource constraints
    • Limited internal investment resources
    • Employee expectation for investment support and education
    • Integration of mergers and acquisitions

    Our Services:

    • Expertly tailored plan design
    • Comprehensive fiduciary training and support for principals
    • Broadly diversified and expertly curated investment lineup
    • Access to leading asset classes and institutional managers
    • Retirement Committee establishment, implementation, and organization
    • Participant education and engagement
    • Ongoing operational and administrative support

    Not-For-Profit Organizations

    Not-for-profit organizations have important considerations in providing an integral benefit to employees and maintaining fiduciary best practices for trustees. We have significant experience supporting sponsors of associations and philanthropic institutions regionally and nationally.

    Considerations Include:

    • Increasing participant engagement and plan participation
    • Desire to educate and support participants
    • Limited financial resources
    • Internal time and resource constraints

    Our Services:

    • Participant education, engagement, and investment support
    • Investment due diligence and selection
    • Service provider selection and benchmarking
    • Fiduciary training and advisory
    • Retirement Committee establishment, organization, and charter
    • Ongoing operational support


    We work with corporations across sectors, industries, and employee sizes, including large corporations, growth businesses, and small and mid-sized enterprises. We provide consulting services across executive and employee benefits, including 401(k) and profit sharing plans, non-qualified executive compensation plans, and defined benefit pension plans.

    Considerations Include:

    • Employee attraction and retention
    • Cost structure impact
    • Investment research and curation
    • Employees' desire for education and support
    • Internal time and resource constraints
    • Fiduciary liability

    Our Services:

    • Plan features and design
    • Service provider selection and fee benchmarking
    • Investment due diligence and selection
    • Participant education and engagement
    • Fiduciary training and consulting
    • Ongoing operational support

    Endowments, Foundations, & Non-Profit Organizations

    Your mission should not be held back by a lack of operational and investment resources. Building out an internal investment program may require substantial resources, a dedicated investment team, and trustees that incur meaningful fiduciary liability. We have extensive experience supporting organizations in delivering the results required to drive your mission forward and protect committee trustees.

    Limitations to Internal Investment Programs:

    • Lack of organizational resources
    • Narrow professional investment expertise
    • Limited access to leading asset classes and investment managers
    • High implementation fees and expenses
    • Portfolio risk management
    • Spending policy and liquidity clarification
    • Substantial fiduciary liability for committee members and trustees
    • Insufficient fiduciary governance practices

    Our Services:

    • Investment Policy Statement construction, maintenance, and review
    • Portfolio construction, asset allocation, and portfolio managment
    • Leading investment manager access, due diligence, and selection
    • Fiduciary assessment, training, and best practice implementation
    • Strategic advisory on spending policy and liquidity management

    Our non-profit organizations advance critical missions in our community - aiding the underserved, supporting education and the arts, and funding research. Our mission is to deepen your resources, support your long-term planning, and build institutional strength to create a more autonomous organization.

    “Clients have a trusted team of independent experts consistently working for their best interest. We continuously evaluate and analyze all relevant facts and circumstances to ensure best-in-class solutions are presented. ”

    -Steven J. Kaczynski, Jr., Senior Financial Advisor & Managing Director, Fiduciary Plan Solutions

    “We are a team of client-centric experts that are independent, specialized, and credentialed to provide leading investment advisory and fiduciary guidance for trustees, sponsors, and committees.”

    -Richard R. Applegate, Senior Financial Advisor

    “Our clients look to us for specialized expertise, with an eye toward optimal outcomes and an acute focus on risk mitigation.”

    -Steven J. Kaczynski, Jr., Senior Financial Advisor & Managing Director, Fiduciary Plan Solutions

    “Organizations like endowments and foundations inherently serve a higher-order purpose. Being able to support their missions and constituents is something for which we are profoundly grateful.”

    -Michael J. Aroesty, Chief Investment Officer

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