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A Bespoke Approach to Sustaining Family Wealth

Successfully preserving wealth across generations requires a specialized approach. 70% of wealthy families deplete their wealth by the second generation and nearly 90% of first generation wealth is lost by the third.1 We solve for the delicate and multi-dimensional investment, wealth planning, and next generation needs of successful founders, executives, and families, whether you are a first-generation family member seeking to pass wealth on to your children and grandchildren, or a later generation intending to carry forward your family's established legacy.


  • Private Practice & Business Owners

    Your life's work is in your business. It has provided rewards and relationships for years; however, certain complexities can impact this success. Key considerations include:

    • Business growth and transition
    • Succession planning
    • Liquidity planning
    • Concentrated asset risk
    • Asset protection
    • Complicated tax liabilities
    • Intertwined family and business interests
    • Varied investments and investment accounts
    • Retirement and cash flow planning
    • Preparing your next generation
    • Estate and trust planning
    • Philanthropy and charitable giving
    • Travel and lifestyle planning

    Solutions for successful private practice and business owners with multi-generational families:

    • Detailed wealth planning with careful consideration of the business
    • Investment expertise to grow wealth and manage concentration risk
    • Prepare next generation and support family considerations
    • Fiduciary liability and investment consulting for business principals

    Corporate Leaders

    Leading a large organization is personally and professionally demanding. We provide the expertise to simplify your complexities, empowering you to direct full focus on your next steps personally and professionally. Key considerations include:

    • Compensation and benefits packages
    • Concentrated stock positions
    • Tax liabilities
    • Varied investments and investment accounts
    • Asset protection
    • Retirement and cash flow planning
    • Preparing your next generation
    • Estate and trust planning
    • Philanthropy and charitable giving
    • Travel and lifestyle planning

    Solutions for successful corporate executives with multi-generational families:

    • Diversify investment risk to preserve and grow portfolio
    • Comprehensive wealth planning to simplify financial complexities
    • Establish proper estate and trust documents to protect assets
    • Prepare next generation and facilitate nuances in family dynamics
    • Support lifestyle and philanthropic objectives

    Succeeding Generations

    Managing the transfer of wealth can be challenging financially and difficult emotionally. We proactively guide you through your financial and family challenges to ensure continued success. Key considerations include:

    • Nuanced family dynamics
    • Medical and care needs
    • Complex estate and trust administration
    • Estate tax liabilities
    • Increased investment complexity
    • Cash flow planning
    • Asset protection
    • Philanthropy and giving advisory

    Solutions to support succeeding generations as you navigate the complexities of wealth transfer:

    • Investment expertise to preserve wealth and diversify risk
    • Thoughtful wealth planning to simplify and consolidate accounts
    • Guidance through delicate financial and family dynamics
    • Establishing proper estate and trust documents
    • Supporting philanthropic objectives

    1Roy Williams & Vic Preisser. Preparing Heirs: Five Steps To A Successful Transition Of Family Wealth And Values.

    “Wealth built over decades can be diminished in years. To have a chance at multi-generational success, a determined emphasis on capital preservation, investment diversification, and careful planning and preparation must be well-integrated into a holistic investment policy.”

    -Michael J. Aroesty, Chief Investment Officer

    “Communication of family values, trust between family members, and adequate preparation of the next generation are the ‘softer’ challenges, yet they are absolutely critical features of multi-generational success.”

    -David B. Root, Jr., Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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