One Step at a Time, We Seek to Make Your Life Easier

At DBR & CO we focus on your long-term success. That means sweating the details to help you make smarter decisions with your wealth and ensure your assets are protected.

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Are you already wealthy?

Flagship Advisory Services

For investors and savers with $1 Million or more in investable assets, DBR & CO offers Flagship Services designed specifically to address the complex issues that are unique to the Private Client and High Net Worth individuals. We’ll help you protect and grow what you have so you can take care of those who are most important to you.

As a Flagship client, you have access to an expanded suite of services including our highest level of financial planning resources, access to our network of professional experts, client appreciation events, access to proprietary investment research and in-house portfolio managers.

To learn more about our Flagship Advisory Services, contact Adam Souply, CFA, MBA, CPFA, Director of Flagship Advisory Services at asouply@dbroot.com or 412-227-2800


Are you well on your way to personal wealth?

Wealth Builder Advisory Services

As an individual who is well on your way to becoming affluent, DBR & CO helps take care of the details that help grow your wealth over time. After an analysis of your total picture, Wealth Builder Advisory clients can often discover they are closer than they realize to becoming wealthy.

As a Wealth Builder client, you’ll work with an advisor who understands your stage in life and will allocate resources between financial planning and asset management to fit your long-term wealth goals. Together we will seek to achieve Flagship level financial wealth for you and your family.

If you’d like to discuss a plan to retain and build on the wealth you have, contact Steve Kohler, CFP®, Financial Planning Chair: skohler@dbroot.com or 412-227-2800


If you're a NEXT GEN achiever

For young professionals trying to accumulate wealth in the early stages of success: The struggle is real.

We’re here to help you make smart decisions that will lead to strong financial habits and long-term success: 


  • Kick-start your personal planning and savings program  

  • Avoid costly and needless mistakes 

  • Optimize your company 401(k) plan

  • Maximize the impact of your charitable giving 

  • Explore values-based investing

  • Choose the right insurance for your life stage

  • Reduce and control debt

If you’d like to discuss how to get started, contact Jeremy Suschak, CFP®, Director of DBR Next Services: jsuschak@dbroot.com or 412-227-2800

Learn more about the DBR & CO approach

Contact DBR & CO CEO David Root

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