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Meeting You Where You Are

Embracing your goals and values as our guide, we personalize our services and continually evolve our advice. The result is a solution tailored specifically to your personal and financial life stage.


  • Early Career

    As your responsibilities grow in the workplace and at home, successful young professionals begin experiencing various financial complexities, such as:

    • Saving and budgeting
    • Debt and liability management
    • Estate planning
    • Investing for retirement
    • Family planning
    • Home purchase


    Increased career responsibilities, transitioning to a new venture, and always feeling like there are not enough hours in the day bring both opportunities and new challenges. Key events include:

    • Progressing income
    • Increased living expenses
    • Planning for retirement
    • Additional investment opportunities
    • Growing family obligations
    • Estate planning and risk management requirements
    • Education planning
    • Care for parents

    Established Career

    Mastering your field, managing a team, mentoring colleagues, and enjoying more leisure time outside of work are fulfilling steps in a well-established career. Thinking about the next phase may be daunting and brings new challenges, such as:

    • Planning for retirement
    • Investment consolidation
    • Cash flow planning
    • Estate and trust planning
    • Board and non-profit participation
    • Philanthropic opportunities
    • Evolving family responsibilities


    Harvesting the fruits of your labor can be rewarding and intimidating all the same. Key considerations include:

    • Living and lifestyle expenses
    • Additional real estate
    • Increased travel and leisure time
    • Income and cash flow requirements
    • Investment portfolio monitoring
    • Part-time consulting
    • Board participation
    • Charitable giving and philanthropy


    Residency is a rite of passage. It is also a very important time financially. Key finanical complexities include:

    • Debt management
    • Saving and budgeting
    • Professional liability protection
    • Home purchase
    • Wedding and child care

    Attending & Practice Leadership

    Becoming an attending physician and advancing into practice leadership positions - or managing your own practice - present additional professional opportunities, finanical rewards, and personal complexities. Key events include:

    • Rapid income inflection
    • Increased living and lifestyle expenses
    • Asset protection requirements
    • Savings and investing opportunities
    • Retirement planning needs
    • Private practice opportunities
    • Department leadership opportunities
    • Academic and research opportunities
    • Growing family and education commitments


    A lifetime of service deserves a requisite reward. Key considerations include:

    • Travel and lifestyle expenses
    • Income and cash flow requirements
    • Part-time consulting and practice
    • Board participation
    • Next generation support
    • Philanthropy and charitable giving

    “The essential factor in a successful plan is understanding where you are today and where you want to get to financially. This process helps us provide a roadmap with well-planned strategies that reflect your expectation of success.”

    -Steven Kohler, Chief Planning Officer

    “Clients should feel understood and cared for. While our team has encountered similar issues many times before, we appreciate that the anxiety, fear, or confusion for families can be very real and unique. We are their advocates, and we are here to help educate, facilitate, and support them in an effort to improve their lives. ”

    -David B. Root, Jr., Founder & Chief Executive Officer

    “Physician Wealth is a unique service offering that understands the challenges faced by high-achieving medical professionals in their pursuit of financial independence. We free up your most valuable asset - time - when constructing a specialized plan for your unique situation.”

    -Adam M. Souply, Senior Financial Advisor

    “Business owners and corporate leaders have intricate financial pictures that evolve meaningfully as they progress through their careers. Such nuance demands a wealth management strategy that is tailored to the individual's unique goals and circumstances, not a one-size-fits-all approach.”

    -Michael J. Aroesty, Chief Investment Officer

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